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Havering College Web Site
Welcome to the havering College web site, please not this is not the official Havering College web site, this can be found at http://www.havering-college.ac.uk. This web site is designed specifically for students taking the BTEC National Diploma In Computing. This site will list all homework and class work which has been set aswell as most answers to the work, anything not displayed here can be requested by emailing me at webmaster@haveringcollege.4t.com

This site is best viewed in 1024 X 768 resolution.

New timetable given out in April 2002, now include CM.

This web site will only be updated when I have the time, this may now only be every month or so.

The Chat Room!!!!!

Welcome to the chat room there are 100% no rules, however if you act as an associate of this web site you will be banned from the chat.


Latest News

20/02/02 - Wednesday 20:02PM
Small changes around the site

09/02/02 - Saturday 1:13AM
Added the course guide to teh site which can be found at the top of this page. Some work sheets and assignments for the second semester has been added aswell as the WSD and BIS assignment 2 has been added to the "Class work" section. Reminder: All work on this site comes under the disclaimer and must not be used for any other usage.

07/02/02 - Thursday 8:25PM
Due to power cut there is little updates, however WSD assignment 1 and BIS assignment 1 & 2 have been uploaded. Before viewing the work please read the disclaimer which can be found under "Class Work"

06/02/02 - Wednesday 9:35PM
Added easy to use links under "Class work" and uplaoded some more assignments work sheets. any work is available on request.

06/02/02 - Wednesday 1:45AM
Added loads of work, now available for printing or downloading (found under "Class Work") only on Tutorial and Computer Setup until a larger server is found to hold all the pictures. More Data and infor has been added to the site in general.

05/02/02 - Tuesday 10:41pm
Message Board now installed and fully operation to everyone for all problems to be posted, Chat rooms are available through the message board however it is unlikely that these will be popular.

05/02/02 - Tuesday 7:50pm
Removed some old links and features from the web site. Added some work to the "Class Work" section. Startign search for reliable server to store work on. All assignment tasks are available through contacting me.

Note: Chat Room is currently down until a replacement is found.

04/02/02 - Monday 8:27pm
New timetable added, can be found by clicking the links above or going to Timetable in the left menu. A list of all due work can now be found under "Class Work" this no also contains all homework due from September to February 4th 2002.

17/10/01 - Wednesday 8:06pm
Class work section is due to be completly update for the holiday as most class work is due in within the next two weeks, please check back soon for updates.

15/10/01 - Monday 7:00pm
Timetable section of the web site has been completed but only timetables 2-4 are available in detail.

15/10/01 - Monday 6:26pm
New timetable issued, now leaving Friday's free. Please visit the timetable section of the site which will be available soon using the links on the left.

12/10/01 - Friday
Assignment 2 for Tutorial handed out, dead line for assignment 1 has been extended to 19/12/01. Please visit the class work section for more information on this. Assignment 1 & 2 have been completed and are ready to be copied and handed out to whoever needs them. For a copy of assignment 1 or 2 please send me an email by clicking here or mail to webmaster@haveringcollege.4t.com

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Created and maintaned by Dean Claxton on 4/10/01